Placing Leaders

at the intersection of strategy and analytics

Who We Are

Lingua Franca is a boutique retained executive search firm that places experienced candidates in strategic and analytic roles.

We are Financial Services veterans with more than 20 years of executive, analytic and advisory experience with firms serving Consumers and Small Businesses. This practical experience gives us insight, connections and expertise that differentiate us from other search firms.


Practical Expertise

matters across the recruiting process


We have firsthand experience in the roles we place. We understand the challenges and success factors from the inside.


We have personal relationships with many candidates and a powerful network combined with our affiliated companies.


We conduct a multi-stage interview process to identify the best talent.We assess true domain expertise, competencies and culture fit.


Our engagements begin with a deep dive into your business to understand your current state, future goals and how new talent will figure into that journey. Lingua Franca helps you to craft roles that will allow new talent to have the maximum impact.




We draw on an exclusive candidate network built over the last 20+ years to identify exceptionally qualified people to fill these positions. We can speak to candidates with a refreshing level of knowledge about what the roles truly entail because we have direct experience in the industry. This shared experience and common language enables us to engage passive candidates to take the next step forward.


We have a unique perspective on how the art and science of strategy and analytics blend together to drive value. This expertise allows us to differentiate and balance your needs in a role between judgment, experience, and raw quantitative horsepower. We develop custom interviews for every role that can separate candidates that may appear similar, but possess subtle differences that can mean the difference between an ideal fit and a bad hire.


Why Choose Us?

Company Choose Us When

• They need a partner who understands their business in detail
• The role has to be filled quickly
• They can’t commit significant time to screening candidates themselves
• They need the best talent and can’t afford a bad hire

Our Focus

• We place candidates in organizations that value the differential insight from data-driven decision making. These vary from established Fortune 100 companies, midsize companies and startups across Financial Services, insurance and more.

• National Footprint

• High Touch for Critical Senior Hires
– C Level
– Executive
– Senior Professional

Multiple Search Options

Choose the option that fits your hiring needs
• Full Search: We handle all stages of recruiting
• Select the stages you need to complement internal resources: Scoping, Sourcing, and/or Screening

Functional Areas

• P&L Leadership
• Analytics
• Credit Risk and Risk Management
• Strategy
• Data and Decision Science
• Marketing
• Finance
• Digital
• Operations


We translate company needs to candidate desires
• Roles designed to attract star candidates

We work quickly to engage top talent
• Median time to identify hired candidate: 8 Days

We present only the most qualified candidates
• Average of 2 offers extended for every 3 candidates we introduce to a client

The service we provide to our clients is absolutely essential in the context of a broader ecosystem. We partner with leading firms in the industry to provide access to an unparalleled talent network in strategy, data and analytics.

Brian Lawton President, Lingua Franca

Our Approach

We hear common pain points from companies trying to navigate the ecosystem of strategic analytics in search of great talent. Our unique perspective and network bring the complete solution to bear, solving for these pain points.

  • Recruiting partners do not understand my needs
  • Hiring takes too much time
  • The people I hire are not working out as expected
Days to identify hired candidate
People in our network
Candidates receiving offers