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"DriveTime provides auto loans and sells used cars to people with all types of credit histories"
"KeyBank is the primary subsidiary of KeyCorp, offering a variety of financial services"
"OneMain is a financial services company that offers nonprime customers access to credit and insurance"
"BlueVine is a fintech that empowers small businesses with innovative banking products designed for them"
"Fundbox is a credit platform that helps small business owners optimize their cash flow"
"Diamond Resorts International is a hospitality and vacation ownership company that offers a network of resort locations"
"Advance Financial is a line of credit and installment loan fintech company"
"Prosper is a digital peer to peer lending business that aims to advance consumer financial well being"
"BMG Money provides loan solutions for employees and retirees who are working on improving their credit scores"
"EasyKnock offers a sell and leaseback program that allows homeowners access to equity in their homes"
"Fifth Third is one of the largest consumer banks in the Midwest, providing a variety of financial services to individuals and businesses "
"Tribal Credit provides corporate credit cards to startups and growing SMEs looking for a better way to pay business expenses and better their financial management."
"X1 is a fintech that provides users with a smart credit card, using the power of technology to offer smart credit limits and automated features."
"Credit Karma provides credit scores and financial tools to help individuals manage their personal finances"
"GreenSky provides point-of-sale financing and payment solutions"
"Merrick Bank is a top 20 credit card issuer that specializes in credit programs that help people build or rebuild their credit"
"Regional Finance is a financial services company that provides personal loan products to customers with limited access to credit from other lenders"
"Ally is a leading digital financial services company that offers a variety of financial products for their clients"
"Keyway is a Proptech that offers a sell-leaseback solution designed to help small and medium businesses"
"Strike Acceptance is a subprime automotive lending service that helps customers establish and rebuild their credit"
"FairMoney is a mobile banking platform that builds instant credit scores and gives loans"
"QED Investors is a leading boutique venture capital focused on investing in early stage, disruptive financial services companies"
"Ollo provides consumer credit cards designed to meet the needs of hard working Americans who are often inadequately served by large financial brands."
"StashFin is a neo-banking platform with a mission to deliver financial services to everyone"
"The #1 Fuel App for Trucking. Get instant diesel discounts at thousands of truck stops nationwide. Mudflap is free, easy to use, and built for the road ahead."
"Caribou is a hyper-growth auto re-finance company built by leaders from the technology, automotive, and finance industries"
"Billd offers project-based financing to contractors in the construction industry by offering short term financing solutions"
"Creditas is a consumer lending fintech offering lending, investment, and financing services at lower interest rates"
"Current is a digital banking fintech company focused on helping Americans create a better financial future"
"OatFi is a fintech company that provides working capital infrastructure for B2B payments platforms"
"Renew Financial provides financing services intended to assist in clean energy home improvement"
"Drizly is an alcohol e-commerce platform that facilitates the delivery of alcohol through local retailers"
"Mercury Financial is a fintech company that aims to help consumers build better credit"
"Klar is a digital banking fintech that allows users to manage their money in a secure and personalized way"